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Environmental Impact

Environmental Practices

Dr. Burden and his staff put a lot of energy into reducing the environmental impact of the practice. Every product that is used is scrutinized prior to purchase. Subsequently, they have achieved a much more earth friendly way to practice dentistry.

The following are some of the things that we do to be more green.

Recycling: From office paper to shipping boxes, to plastics, to metals. Every item that can be recycled, is.

Computers: All charts, insurance documents, and other records are digital. This is a tremendous help in reducing paper waste.

Digital Xrays: Instant images and nothing to throw away. No more lead foil or toxic developing chemicals are needed!

Programmable thermostats: The office is only heated to comfortable temperatures during business hours to reduce use of heating oil and subsequent emissions.

Green Power: The electricity at the office is purchased through Maine Interfaith Power and Light which provides electricity exclusively from zero impact sources such as wind, water, and solar.


Modern dentistry. Exceptional care.

Modern dentistry.

Exceptional care.

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