Jeremy Burden, DDS

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Environmental Practices

Dr. Burden and his staff put a lot of energy into reducing the environmental impact of the practice. Every product that is used is scrutinized prior to purchase. Subsequently, they have achieved a much more earth friendly way to practice dentistry.


The following are some of the things that we do to be more green.

Recycling: From office paper to shipping boxes, to plastics, to metals. Every item that can be recycled, is.

Computers: All charts, insurance documents, and other records are digital. This is a tremendous help in reducing paper waste.

Digital X-Rays: Instant images and nothing to throw away. No more lead foil or toxic developing chemicals are needed!

Programmable Thermostats: The office is only heated to comfortable temperatures during business hours to reduce use of heating oil and subsequent emissions.

Green Power: The electricity at the office is purchased through Maine Interfaith Power and Light which provides electricity exclusively from zero impact sources such as wind, water, and solar.

I have a true case of dentalphobia. I have had the same dentist for 35 years and he sadly retired. Finding a new dentist was so hard. I found my way to Dr. Burden in Bath and I couldn't be happier. They treated me with kids gloves which is exactly what I needed. I am so happy that I found Dr. Burden and his team. I know this is going to be a good fit for me and I hope to be there for 35 years as well!!!


peggy a.



24 Oak Street, Bath, ME  |  M-W 8-5, TH 8-12 |  207.443.9400